Helping accommodation providers to stand out from the crowd, increase direct bookings and transform their businesses.

Being a B&B owner in today's world isn't easy!

Here are some struggles you might be facing right now:


  • You're constantly worried about not having enough money ... it goes out as fast as it comes in and you desperately need more guests.

  • You're working extremely hard for very little reward ... you've never got enough time for yourselves but don't know how to break the cycle.

  • You're paying out huge commission fees each month ...  you don't have enough direct or repeat bookings so are relying on OTAs such as and Expedia.

  • You're disagreeing with your significant other on the best way forward ... you're worried that the business is pushing your relationship to the limit.


It's hard to love being an accommodation provider when you're exhausted, overwhelmed or constantly worried about your business and questioning whether you've made a big mistake.

But it doesn't have to be like that ...

When you have guests you love, financial stability AND time for yourselves, running an accommodation business can give you everything you want!

Just imagine if ...

You could not only survive but really thrive through these challenging times.


You had a consistent flow of bookings all year round and were fully booked during peak seasons.


You were no longer dependant on OTAs and were reaping the rewards of LOW or even NO commission fees.

You had guests that paid more, stayed longer and returned again and again.


You had a healthy, profitable business that supported itself AND provided you with a decent salary.


You gained more freedom to do things for yourself.


This is where The B&B School comes in, a unique training and coaching program that takes you step-by-step through how to grow a thriving accommodation business.

It's all about working smarter not harder ...

2020 was our best year EVER in over 27 years of being in business.  Despite being in lockdown for 3 months, we increased our income by $90,000 AND over 80% of our guests booked direct! Thank you Stephanie for helping us to navigate these terrible times and emerge stronger than ever.

Joy & Simon, Australia

Nigel & Juliette, UK

2020 was our best year in business - completely crazy considering the world we're currently in.  The bookings just kept coming in and 2021 looks like it's going to be even better.  I've streamlined my processes and now have a business that is a lot more profitable and a lot less stressful.   Thank you isn't enough.

Lisa and Glen, USA

And having a clear plan with the right support ...

What you get when you join The B&B School

Complete Clarity

You'll finally be clear on what you need to do to grow your business.  No more confusion, 
guessing or throwing your money
down the drain. You'll know the exact next steps to take.

Marketing Success

It's vital your business stands out from the crowd so you'll master core marketing skills that will help you to connect, engage, communicate and convert more effectively than ever before!

Direct and Repeat Bookings

You'll learn what to do to create a consistent flow of new and repeat bookings that come DIRECT to you, cutting out the middle man, ie OTAs, leaving more profit in your pocket!

The WOW Factor

You'll learn how to create the perfect guest experience that will keep guests coming back time and time again, resulting in amazing online reviews,  testimonials and recommendations. 

Processes and Systems

You'll discover proven processes, easy to implement systems and powerful tools that will help you to gain a competitive advantage, save time and improve business performance.

Motivation and Inspiration

Expert coaching and support will help you to achieve your goals. I'll keep you focused on taking action, get you back on track if you lose your way and hold you accountable!

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